Jena Cumbo is a NY based fashion, lifestyle, portrait photographer who loves to work with people. Aside from an early love affair with photography she attributes to growing up in Rochester, NY - she likes cats, music, sports that involve boards, and she buys peanut butter whenever it is on sale. Dislikes - revolving doors, sitting still. Follow her photo and video work on Instagram and Vimeo

Selected Client List:

Slate Custom, Tillamook Dairy, Mercedes, Maybelline, Prudential, 300 Entertainment, Milly, L'Atelier Showroom, Ramy Brook, Creative Entertainment Network, Peter Manning, Village Voice, The Seen, Time Out NY, LADYGUNN, Refinery 29, Facebook, Pinterest, Getty, Tribeca Film Festival, Okay Player, Control Group, Wolff Olins, Engel Entertainment, Ellement, Zooey, RHLS, FONY, Annabelle, Haier America, Blomberg, Financial Times, Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls.

photo - Spencer Kohn

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